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We offer services and software that enable hospitals, clinics to reduce readmissions, protect Personal Healthcare Information (PHI), balance costs and improve results. These systems are divided into the following categories:

I.Optimize the Management of Chronic Diseases

  • Provide your patients with personalized care and ongoing communication between appointments.
  • Simplify their routine by informing them about medications, giving advice on nutrition and physical activity, and stressing the importance of subjective and objective logging. With a global system that includes a mobile patient app and a central server connected to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), you can improve the health of the population, patient management, and your revenues.

II.Healthcare CRM

  • Treat your patients as clients, better understand their needs and build trusting relationships.
  • Merge your CRM with the EHR to get, engage and retain your patients with multiple communication channels at your disposal. Whether it's your website, your call center, social media or anything else, you can always keep the patient experience positive and personal.

III.Health data analysis

  • Leverage Big Data to Earn more
  • Transform raw data into meaningful information and get reports, charts, and multi-dimensional measurements in one click. Visualize your results and costs as well as business and financial management processes to highlight achievements and gaps.

IV.Management of postsurgery care

  • Make sure your patients recover well after surgery between nurse visits and appointments.
  • Follow the objective and subjective goals of individuals and monitor wound healing for signs of complications. Reduce complications, exacerbations and readmissions.

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