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    We offer tailored services and advice for young entrepreneurs

What we do

Our activities per industry

Commerce & Retail

Software solutions for retail sale and other consumer goods

Commerce et Vente en détails

Banks and Financial Services

We provide various banking solutions namely web portals, data analysis, ...



We provide hospitals, clinics, and other organizations with services to help them ...


Our values

Who are we

Pr|Analytics is an international IT consulting company that aims at sparking African SMEs through cutting-edge technologies and Analytics. Through a “smart” lean management approach, Pr|Analytics provides a suite of tailored cloud-based management & productivity software, as well as data ...



Our main concern is to assist our customers as closely as possible in their services and products development process

Speed & Efficiency


Speed is the nerve of war in the business world today. Therefore, we provide your company the right speed to better compete.



Our in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and technologies positions us among the best in our industry

About us & FAQ

Pr|Analytics, my most trusted digital partner...

Our main concern over time has been to be the closest to our customers in order to guide them, help them stay in business and help them grow as quickly as possible. That's why we've developed the concept of "my digital partner" based on the development of effective, sustainable, and tailored solutions/advice regarding the different issues in their business.

With a diverse team of skilled software developers, data analysts, marketing specialists and project managers, we work 24/7 to grow and support companies that trust us.

Our satisfaction comes from the positive impact we bring to your business

How do our payment methods work?

In terms of payment methods, we are very flexible. We generally offer our customers different payment methods.

Tell me about your package for young entrepreneurs on the web

Does your company have generic CRM and ERP like salesforce?

We deeply believe that each company has its own challenges and is unique. That's why our philosophy is "tailor-made". We have generic ERP and CRM, but we focus on the development of bespoke management system to meet the specific needs of the business.

What makes you different from others?

Proximity, Innovation, reliability, speed, and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies